Robert Mugabe Proposes “Castration” For Anyone Man Who Rápe Children In Zimbabwe


Robert Mugabe has come up
with a solution to the growing rate of
r*pe and child abuse cases. He said
that castration of rapists and child
abusers is the best way to stem the
The Zimbabwean president reportedly
made this known while speaking during
his 92nd birthday celebrations at the
Great Zimbabwe Monuments on Saturday,
February 26.
Mugabe said he was confused by people
who abuse minors.
“What $ex impulse is it which gets one
to abuse a little child? I wonder what
enough punishment for such people is,”
he said. “Can you suggest how such
brutal monsters amongst us that r*pe
babies should be punished … burdizzo
(castration device) We should make
them oxen, some people should be
made oxen.”
However, Mugabe noted that the
government is going to attract the wrath
of human rights defenders if it were to go
ahead with such a plan.
“Again, human rights people will say it
(castration) is too severe. Sharia Law
says if you use your hand to steal, that
hand must be cut off. Now you use
what to abuse the child? I think that
which you use should be cut off. They
will go and get an artificial one
(I)think,” he said, amid laughter and
applause from the thousands of
villagers who braved the light showers
that characterised the event.
The proposal seemed to get the backing
of Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko
and Women’s Affairs minister Nyasha
Chikwinya, Zimbabwe Southern Eye


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